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Meet Natalie

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Natalie grew up in Benton, Arkansas with her younger brother and parents. She graduated from High School in 2015, and immediately went into nursing school and graduated with her A.S.N in December of 2017, and started working as a NICU Nurse in January of 2018. She started this business in 2020 admist a pandemic and a giant leap of faith

Her dreams for the future is to continue growing her own business Eidon Weddings and Hospitality with hopes of making it her full time career. When she isn't planning weddings or working at the hospital you can find Natalie, hanging out with her two mini goldeendoodles (lovingly known as the Party Pups) Reese and Quinn, taking a nap, or eating Mexican food and drinking Margaritas with her friends.

Fun Facts:

I have always planned my own birthday parties and events, from the time that I can remember.

My two favorite details of the whole wedding day include the florals and the food and the DJ

My favorite wedding moment is when the bride and groom walk down the aisle after they are pronounced Mr and Mrs... because now it is time to party at the reception!

My grandmas instilled in me hospitality, how to make a home inviting, how to be a humble hostess, what a proper place setting entails, but most of all how to love people well and how to meet them where they are at. Because that's why I do this job! I love coming alongside a bride and a groom during the wedding planning process and making it my mission by the grace of God to humble myself and to be able serve them well on their special day.

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