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Vendor Spotlight on Lindy Lanford W/ The Bridal Cottage

Tell us about your business.

Hi I am Lindy Lanford, Owner of the Bridal Cottage. We are a locally owned full service bridal shop that is located in the Park Hill Historic District of North Little Rock and have been here, for goodness, 46 years! I have owned it for just now going on 10 years! I am the third owner. The original owner was Una George. I owe everything to this woman! She came up with this idea of owning a small bridal store, in a tiny part of NLR and her dream was to help brides all over Arkansas find their wedding dress! And I am truly honored to carry on her dream and her traditions to this day! And being full service means we help dress the bride from head to toe, along with her bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen!

What led you to owning a Bridal Dress Boutique?

See my story!! -

What keeps you passionate about weddings?

My passion comes from the brides! I just love their excitement when they step in the store, the joy they have in their eyes, the thrill of starting a life together with their sole mate! And they have chosen us help them look and feel the most beautiful ever on her most special day ever!

How long have you been in the Bridal Dress Boutique Business?

I am going on 10 years!

Where do you find inspiration?

Wow. I had to sit on this question for a minute because my inspiration comes to me differently depending on the day or moment. My mom. She is my hero and biggest cheerleader and I want to make her proud each and every day. Women business owners and leaders. I learn so much from them, and I strive to be better because of them. My staff. Their eagerness to learn, their excitement when brides say yes to their dress, their ideas on how to grow and be better as a team and for our customers. The brides. I want to give them the most amazing wedding dress shopping experience ever because this is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

What should couples know before buying their wedding dress or going to their consultation at a Bridal Dress Boutique?

Do your research! The wedding industry is just as much about relationships as it is about the items you are purchasing for your wedding. Go online and read about the vendors, or shops you are looking to visit. Start following them on social media. Read about who they are, their reviews, research what products, designers, services they have, and if you have questions, reach out and ask! This is they biggest day of your life and you need to feel comfortable with who you choose to partner with when it comes to your wedding.

What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

If couples (or brides) are nervous that they are not asking the right questions, be honest and up front with your consultant about that! All our appointments, from shopping for your wedding dress, to bridesmaids dresses, tuxedos, you have a personal bridal consultant that is going to work with you and help guide you.

Outside of your business, tell us about yourself!

Sure! I have been married now for 10 years to an amazing man named Erin! We have 2 rescue dogs that are our pride and joy named Blu and Lilly. We love traveling and absolutely love being in nature! We have a cabin up near the Buffalo River in Leslie that is our getaway where we can hike, canoe and just enjoy what outdoor life in Arkansas is all about! We both grew up in NLR and love this city. I am on the board of the NLR Chamber and I love being a small business owner!!

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Not standing up to what they actually want. This is your wedding! Listen to those you are close to, but ultimately, it’s your decision.

What your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Sit down with whoever is chipping in or paying for the wedding and come up with a plan, a budget. Then take that budget and plug it in to what you want to spend on those items. This will take so much pressure off you when making decisions about your wedding!

What’s the most unusual wedding you ever did?

I think the weddings that stick out to me are more super cool and unique than unusual! I love it when the bride and groom put their personal touch on their wedding day. Just a few that come to mind are from getting married at the Crescent Hotel because they both love horror movies, to the couple who hiked and eloped on top of St. Mary's Glacier and the bride who is a dancer for the circus arts and actually performed at her reception in her wedding dress!

What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

When my bridal consultants get engaged, and then find their dress at The Bridal Cottage! They come to work every day dedicated and excited to help brides find their dress, and then it’s their turn! It’s so fun….and so special! Those moments are with me forever! But honestly, when brides say yes to their wedding dress, that moment, that incredible moment with her, will be with us forever. But honestly, when brides say yes to their wedding dress, that moment, that incredible moment with her, will be with us forever. She then becomes part of our family, The Bridal Cottage family.

Where can we find you?

We are located at 3305 John F Kennedy Blvd, North Little Rock.

Phone: 501-753-4138


Insta & Facebook: @thebridalcottage

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