Vendor Spotlight on Madeline Rhodes and Jessie Taylor w/ Toast In Tow

Tell us about your business. What led you to doing Mobile Bartending?

We (Jessie and Maddie) were at brunch having mimosas and discussing how cool it would be to have a mobile mimosa truck! That’s where the idea was born and from there, it just turned into a full mobile bar. Our self serve spigots on the outside are the main part that come from the original “mimosa truck” idea. While we allow guests to put mixers and non-alcoholic drinks through the spigots, our favorite “specialty bar” is the mimosa bar! We will serve champagne from the window and guests can mix and match their juice using our unique spigot system. What keeps you passionate about weddings? We’ve said it from the beginning- we just love love. We do all types of events from backyard parties to corporate functions. But there is just something special about weddings. Being a memorable part of someone’s big day and getting to interact with their guests! How long have you been in the mobile bartending business? We purchased the trailer in July of 2021, renovated, and launched in September of 2021z Where do you find inspiration? Mobile bar inspiration- all over. We try to keep up with the latest trends and what not on pinterest, in magazines, and of course, tik tok. Personal Inspiration-

We are both highly motivated people. Both former collegiate athletes. But with the wedding industry and service industry, I think we are both inspired and motivated by the idea of making someone or a couples day extra special with our services. What should couples know before hiring someone for bartending? Every bartending service is different. Make sure to ask questions because we do not all provide the same services. Another interesting note is that in Arkansas, there is no standard bartending license. It’s not a requirement. We require our bartenders to go through ServSafe training which is a course recommended by the Arkansas Beverage Control.

What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask? -Does the bartending service carry insurance? At Toasts in Tow, we carry both liquor and general liability insurance. -Will they help you with your alcohol order or shopping list? In Arkansas mobile bars and bartending services can not provide alcohol to clients nor can we sell it to you or your guests. However, we offer our alcohol consultation and recommendation to help our clients plan their menu and decide which alcohol to buy and how much of each. What sets you apart in your industry? First- The spigots. With our self serve spigots, we can offer specialty bars that allow your guests to have their own experience when coming to the bar. We also have the ability to run two serving windows out of our mobile bar which allows us to serve much larger guest lists without your guests having to wait in line. We also offer services with our white leather Pop Up bar and champagne wall. Our look also blends well into most aesthetics. We can look great at a barn wedding, but we also look fantastic at modern buildings like Osage House. We Outside of your business, tell us about yourself! We both have day jobs. Maddie is a teacher and coach. Jessie works at UCA as a Foundation Specialist for the Athletics Department. Both big fans of coffee, dogs, and Harry Potter. What common mistakes do you see couples making? When doing it alone, over ordering alcohol. Most people have no idea where to start when deciding how much alcohol to order! This is why we find that our clients love the alcohol order consultation and recommendation. Best Piece of advice: Check out small business vendors (not just for your bar) - there are more of us in Arkansas than you think and we are ready to work! I know we’re biased, but we’ve met so many people since starting this business that have the same mindset we do. Small/local businesses love serving their community and rely a ton on word of mouth marketing. Because of this, we are very committed to creating an enhanced client experience. We build custom packages, work with budgets, etc because that’s how we continue to gain customers. Shop local - it’s worth it! Most unusual wedding! We haven’t had an unusual wedding, but we have had a pretty unique event! One of our very first events was a “Fall Fest” hosted at our clients farm-style house. It was SUCH a cute idea that we didn’t really event consider when we were starting this business. We also served at a Bridal Shower where the signature cocktail was named after their dog! Once the event was over, we were actually able to meet “Bentley” who the cocktail was named after!

Most Memorable Wedding; Our first wedding will always be memorable for us - we were so nervous and just wanted things to go perfectly for the happy couple. We showed up 2 hours early to be sure everything would be set up perfectly. It went smoothly and they were so great to work with! We also did Jessie’s little sister’s wedding, so that will always hold a special place as well.

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