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Vendor Spotlight on The Venue At Stonebrook Meadows in Bauxite, AR

Tell Us About the Venue At Stonebrook Meadows

Escape to a place of beauty with The Venue at Stonebrook Meadows for your next monumental occasion. As a serene wedding and event venue, we offer the breathtaking atmosphere of the countryside ideal for photos and outdoor ceremonies. Nestled amidst the vibrant landscape of Bauxite, AR sits our enchanting, newly built barn complete with rich mahogany wood details, a winding staircase, and crystal chandeliers. When you visit, we can promise that you'll be left in awe of the serenity and glorious allure of this stunning location. As part of our services to ensure that your event is perfect in every way, we offer convenient pricing tiers along with chairs and tables and enough room to accommodate up to 250 guests.

What keeps you passionate about weddings?

I truly feel honored for each couple who chooses to celebrate their big day at our venue! It gives me so much joy to witness so many families making such special memories in the space I have created. At the end of the day, seeing all of the happiness and love shared at our venue is what keeps me passionate about weddings.

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

If it is in your budget at all, I highly recommend hiring a DJ. A DJ does so much more than just play a playlist. They help make announcements and keep the flow of the overall wedding going. I often see couples who decide to do their own music to save some money, but it usually makes everything a little more stressful than it needs to be. I’m not saying you have to splurge on the most expensive DJ package if that’s not your thing, but I do believe you won’t regret having a professional handling the entertainment for your big day!

What sets you apart in your industry?

I believe what sets our venue apart in our industry is how much we truly do care about you and your big day! We try to help answer any and all questions throughout your planning and share from our experience what works and what doesn’t. We also strive to improve more and more each year, and try to constantly come up with ways to make planning your wedding easier on you. We also understand a budget, and try to help you get the most out of your big day!

What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

There are no real rules that you have to follow for your wedding. Your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. Make it yours, and do what makes you happy that day!

What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

Ask if your venue has a Preferred Vendors List. Chances are they do, and that list can make planning your wedding much easier! In our venue specifically, we don’t make you use anyone off our list, but chances are you don’t know where to start when looking for all of your vendors. This is a great place to start with recommendations of vendors who have all been to the venue that we can personally attest will help take care of you on your big day! After all, we want the best for your day just like you do!

What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Everyone knows planning a wedding can be stressful. Don’t let it get to you or your relationship though. Soak in all of the good and exciting things about this chapter in your lives, and don’t let all the little things phase you. At the end of the day, if the two of you are married, it was a success. The goal is to have a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding day!

What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

I love a beautiful wedding design as much as the next wedding professional, but the wedding that stands out to me as the most memorable had nothing to do with the florals and decor. It was one of our first weddings right after we were able to reopen in May 2020 after the start of COVID. Both the bride and groom were nurses who had been volunteering in the COVID units in New York City. Pretty much every single detail of their big day had to be changed due to all of the restrictions and all that were in place, but this sweet couple was just so grateful to be getting married and refused to let anything bring them down. Their love for each other was so undeniable and beautiful to witness! I’ll never forget all the love that shined through that year, but theirs took a very special place in my heart.

Where can we find you?


Facebook: The Venue at Stonebrook Meadows

Instagram: @stonebrookmeadowsar

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