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Vendor Spotlight On Wild + Free Mobile Photo Booth

Tell us about your business.

We are Billy & Amber, a husband and wife team (however Billy primarily runs the photo booth business). We own 2 types of photo booths, one is an antique Army foot locker that has been converted into a touch screen, freestanding, open air photo booth. The second is a 1963 Santa Fe Camper photo booth. Each of our booth options print out strips of your photos like the old time - back in the day photo booths you’d encounter at fairs and inside shopping malls and theaters.

What led you to opening up a mobile photo booth?

We own a wedding photography business and we wanted to be able to offer additional incentives with our packages. When the opportunity to buy this presented itself we jumped on it! We do offer photo booths outside of our photography business as well - but our couples usually book us together.

Amber Linn Photography

What keeps you passionate about weddings?

We just love how fun everyone gets when they use our photo booth. They get a kick out of the size of the camper (it’s tiny) and the color (Tiffany blue) and it’s just a great way to give people fun things to do while documenting their joy on your wedding day! They also love how unique are props are… we have them specially made or source them from vintage shops or make them ourselves.

How long have you been in the wedding photobooth business?

Since 2016. We bought it with intention to run it at our own wedding which we did! But we have been shooting weddings since 2013 so we have lots of experiences with events!

Where do you find inspiration?

From Palm Springs, CA where I grew up (Amber). I take a bit of boho, retro and rustic and combine it when I’m styling the camper! You’ll also see this with our bright vivid colors since Mid Century Modern is such a huge part of Palm Springs so we incorporate that into our style as well!

What should couples know before hiring someone for their photobooth?

They should be strategic with times they run the booth. Don’t keep it open during speeches or anytime you want your guests to be with you. Also put it somewhere with high foot traffic so guests utilize it more!

Amber Linn Photography

What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

Ask about customization, how will the prints look. Ask if you get your own copies, if you will get unlimited prints, digitals, if they have props, colors of backdrops, if they have to run the booth consecutive in hours or if they can break them up, how long set up and break down usually takes and if they’ll need a booth attendant. Also if they can provide their own power or will the venue need to provide it.

What sets you apart in your industry?

Definitely the camper, our custom prints that we create for each event and how we decorate our camper. Also, our camper is true vintage with original fixtures, we didn’t build the camper to be a photo booth we simply created an install that can be removed in less than 10 min. We didn’t want to ruin a beautiful piece of history! We also provide very unique, one of a kind AND custom props.

Outside of your business, tell us about yourself!

We are Billy & Amber - just moved from Palm Springs, CA. Billy grew up in Arkansas so moving back home was a big deal. We are rebuilding our 9 year business half way across the country and it’s a fun challenge. We love taking our Jeep off-roading and building things out of old wood. We are foodies who are always up for a good IPA and great conversation! Also I love yo entertain and cook home style meals for friends and family!!!

Amber Linn Photography

What common mistakes do you see couples making?

Giving us areas for the booth that are in direct sunlight, not near an electric outlet and putting the camper in an area that’s pretty far away from where the guests are hanging out. Also, if we are allotted to be at the event a certain time, when we try to leave we are often stuck due to where they put our booth so try snd be aware to put us in areas where we don’t disturb the wedding once we are due to leave (this is all in our info when you book us). You also should really want us in an area where we can access guests, get them talking, acting silly and creating fun memories for you to look back on. My personal opinion is put us at the Bar (haha), or near the door leading into the reception.

What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Create a budget that allows you to capture memories. What I mean by that is, photos last FOREVER where as lots of other things don’t. Also, photo booths give your guests opportunity to have fun during down times (like when the bridal party is out getting their photos), give them something to do that creates a joyful moment!

What’s the most unusual wedding you ever did?

We recently did a wedding at Reptacular Ranch. We had Llamas, Zebras and goats during first looks, grand entrances and during the reception… it was AWESOME! The entire wedding had decor that went along with the Ranch animals. We also did a great gatsby themed wedding in Malibu, CA last year at an estate. We were so high up on the mountain when you looked at the skyline we were eye level with airplanes and the entire mountainside was covered in vineyards. It was magic!

What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

There are so many! We did a wedding last year in Southern California’s wine country (Temecula). We were on a private estate property with so many boulders and trees. The couple and their friends were so fun, we had a horse trailer converted into a bar right next to us, corn hole, fire pit, jenga, dancing. It was a basically an adult campground haha but mixed with a wedding! It was gorgeous, isolated and everyone was so nice!!

Where can we find you?


Amber Linn Photography

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